Saturday, April 5, 2008

Life in Cartoon Motion

This could well be called a reference to fundo’s rants on pop music. Made me want to talk about my favorite pop album…n one of the recent releases that too! I might’ve grown out of the pop music phase of my life but this one album just doesn’t seem to get outta my head!
M talking about “Life in cartoon motion” by MIKA…not apna mika singh ok?? He’s this fatte hyperactive guy who makes you WANT to listen to his music…atleast in my case.[:p] For those who don’t know, one of his most favorite songs would be “love today”…the tune of which you used to hear as star world’s theme music till a month ago…goes something like..doom tar a ri ra ri...lolol….can’t recreate that here hehehehe…
About the album, by far one of the very few pop albums that I’ve completely liked and enjoyed. All his songs are a Huge Carnival!!! It’s like a new party with every new song!! Personal favorite??LOLLYPOP!(my last week tak ka callertune!), Grace Kelly, Billy Brown, My interpretation, Love today, Big girl,you are beautiful…aah all of em! Fatte Fatte album…and MIKA???he’s this adorable, hyperactive, high on sugar entertainer that sure does keep u well entertained…
Do get your hands on this one! I can’t promise all of you’d like it…but do try…its one of those happy songs wala album that makes u perky n chirpy n all that ;)
Here’s to MIKA this time! cheers!


Anonymous said...

what is this "Fatte" ????

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


lollypop is awesoem
its engraved in my mind
put it back as ur caller tune so that i can hear it :)
one of the the best pop songs on my list
thnks for introducing it to me gal


Alisha said...

hehehe....u dunno fattte???

i was under the impression it might be punjabi or bad!!

its just our way of saying awesome

Alisha said...

haila!!!nice nice...fundo likes mika!!listen to the whole album..will make u happy happy trippy trippy cheery cheery:)

pj said...

hey...not heard a lot of his songs but 'doom tar a ri ra ri....' tat one...

Alisha said...


glad u do...try listen to the rest of em

Cinderella. said...

Havent listened to it..guess i will one of these days..

Btw wats 'fatte' ?

Alisha said...

fatte...hehe...even samby asked me that...we just use it wayy too often here so it kinda gets into my writing

fatte is my way of saying AWESOME...:P

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

kyaa yaar tu bhi na

Alisha said...



Alok said...

When I saw Mika in the UK/US top 10 list, my mind did a backflip-- What?! Our own Mika Singh suddenly so famous? Then I searched it on the net and found out about this guy. :D

Though I haven't heard him much, except on VH1. Lemme see... I'll hear this album out.

Alisha said...


hahahah...That's what everyone thinks when i tell them i like mika...everyones minds do a backflip!its like..u love something something???;)

Mansi Trivedi said...

I love MIKA!!!
too much candy gona make u sour.. :)

Alisha said...


hell yeah...;)

WhiteMoonWatching said...

i loves mika!!!!
danced impromptu to grace kelly with my best friend on her 18th bday!!!!

nice blog kid....likhO!!!!!!

Shaunak said...

Lollypop was my caller tune for close to four or five months sometime back...before i changed it back to Its my life. Mika's damn good...I think gay guys make the best music...including boy bands.

Alisha said...

@whitemoon and shaun

sorry for the late response!

i just din look!

grace kelly is a realli nice no.
so is love today

and lollypop!:D