Friday, April 4, 2008

The Bucket List

Yesterday was, me n my friend keedu thought, the last time for us to catch the bucket list on the big screen. So, t’was decided. We were gonna watch it whether the whole gang came along or not…yeh movie watch karna important tha yaar! 5:30 show at Huma adlabs, Fundo not answering phone calls…grrrr…so it was just the 2 of us. Me n keedu at kanjurmarg, we’d never ever been there before…so we were just havin fun roaming around. Tickets liye, the guy at the counter asking if we wanted corner seats??huh..? nevermind…ache beech wale seats book kiye n went in. Constant stares. Took us a minute to realize we were the only ones who weren’t couples for that show…atleast conventional, acceptable couples that is…hehe. Hardly 15 people in the theatre and all sitting in different corners..sheesh! we were disgusted! Decided not to look around at all and only stare at the screen. But once the movie started…there seriously wasn’t anything else we would have wanted to do anyways!
AMAZING movie I must say. A huge Morgan Freeman fan that I am, and keedu being a Jack Nicholson pagal, We thoroughly enjoyed the 1 hr 38 minutes ka picture. About the movie, it goes like this- Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson had been given only 6 months to live. Jack, a multi millionaire AND owner of the hospital they both were in. Freeman tries to rewrite his “bucket list” in the hospital and jack asks him about it. Well, A bucket list is basically a list of things a person’d want to do before he died..or lets say “kicked the bucket”. Now starts the real movie with Jack Nicholson offering to finance Freeman in fulfilling his list and they make it both their lists. So the two set off and what ensues is a wonderfully told tale in wonderful locales.
What I particularly loved about the movie was the way things were described…very very beautiful I must say. So guys, please don’t miss the movie! Take my word, You’ll enjoy it!....n bleh you to my friends who didn’t make it…you missed something reallay good.

And btw, this movie has tempted me to create a tag too...a la fundo if i may say so! C'mon guys...i want you to make your bucket list...maybe taking a workd tour, meeting the love of your life, eating till u burst open...hehe..watever watever ur little wishes might be...put it down!!

i tag fundo aka jiggs, samby, express, and vicky


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

u came next door
sorii sorrii
next time landline pas phone karna

btw i had my class :(
so cndt have made it :(:(

will surely watch the movie
n nice tag
gave me alot to think abt


SambY said...

gr8 movie it seems..i'll have to watch it soon ;-)

Express said...

nice post, thanks for the tag.

shall post it soon...pukka!


Alisha said...

its not just this really never answer the phone!!thats a complainT!!!!

Alisha said...

@ samby// watch...nice concept.

n i wanna c ur bucketlist soon!
mines gonna be my next update



Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

yaah yaah I knoww :)

will try n improve on it :)

btw i hate a cell phone


Alisha said...


You're not allowed to hate that!!

Express said...


yea, she never picks up!! complaint from me too!! actually when I call her, I never expect her 2 pick up!!! n if she picks up, thats a pleasant surprise he he

And hate cell phones? Well, I hate the ultra complicated ones used as an attribute of show-off by many people, but basic phone that rings when ppl wanna reach u, n delivers msgs to u? WHY?

It is the reliance customer in you speaking jiggy, [wink]

Alisha said...

exactly my sentiments!!

hehe...fundo..high time u switch to airtel or vodafone.....vodafone vodafone!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

ok gals
ill really try n improve

btw ill switch to virgin mobiles

but after a few months :)


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

n reliance isnt that bad :)

Alisha said...

yaaa yaa virgin....nice nice...10 paise for every incoming call!!we'll give ur no to every survey conduct karnewala...every salesperson..icici hsbc credit card dene wala...and also to random ppl who like calling wrong nos....usi bahane tera balance badhega n u'll call Us!!nice friend no i am??

Vikrant said...

i wonder why those guys asked you for d corner seats.. [:D] anyways.. nice post! bleh..

rOhit said...

The Bucket List is a sheer treat to watch! jack Nicholsan, Morgan freeman sharing the same screen. Ah! Heaven. Saw it on the day of release itself. :)

Alisha said...


yaa...i realli couldn't watch it wen it released...exam time tha re...n the day we saw it was the last day it would be in that theatre...or a show that could be watched by us...comfortable timings n yeah...we saw the last day last show!