Monday, June 4, 2007


You could say the universe conspired with us to get us everything that we wanted… Well, the everything that can never be got by man in general. By that I meant controlling the weather to suit us…our imagination. That’s exactly what we experienced yesterday on our way to Alibaug. I cannot imagine anyone else who deserved this picnic more than my mother…and I fervently prayed for good weather. Mr. Weather can make or break a holiday…it is totally in his means to do what he wants to with a vacationer’s mood. Thankfully, he was on our side *winks* for yesterday at least.

The sky the MOST beautiful blue…white clouds sweeping across calmly…the sun, making his presence felt but in a lovely way…sigh! It was Amazing! We started with our journey stopping by for breakfast at around 11 am at Pen…Cute little town it is. Very famous for its Ganpatis. We could see many of them almost ready in time for Ganeshotsav that’s just two months away. A sumptuous breakfast of missal pav n kaanda bhajiya later, we set off again to Alibaug.

We really did not know what to expect since it had been years since any of us had been there. Well, I did expect it to be very pretty…And we were in for a disappointment! A pretty sight?...yes…but only if you looked beyond the shore. The shore had no Sand! It was all made of concrete! We came in looking for a beach and what we get is nature’s beauty totally destroyed in the name of man’s convenience! Awfully overcrowded and a concrete beach! couldn’t be any worse right? That didn’t stop us from enjoying there for a while though but satisfaction failed to beckon. A quick chat with the driver revealed Kashid Beach at Murud being just an hours drive away. In we hopped into our scorpio and off we went…A nauseating and bumpy but beautiful ride later…we arrived at last! To the smell of the salted air to the coconut trees and lazy picnickers resting under them…it all seemed perfect! The beach was a tad crowded but then…we were fine with. We didn’t want to waste more time looking around for virgin beaches though there are tons there.

We ran straight for the water and had a blast! The sea was particularly rough apparently cause of the full moon my granma said. Haha…I can’t describe the Funnnnnnn we had in the sea!! It was after a long time that we’d gotten into the sea and enjoyed totally thanks to so many water parks around home. Made me realize…that nothing beats the real thing. It was absolutely stunning…I’m actually at a loss for words to describe it and hence I might get repetitive so its for the better that I stop. Hehe…
Let’s just keep it at I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E AND M-I-N-D-B-L-O-W-I-N-G!

Barring a few perverts and a gang of undie boys with a paid prostitute who seemed to follow us where ever we went, the day was one of the best ever!

Ohh…well…the weather did something else too!...Mom really wanted it to rain so she could get wet. She’d missed the first rains cuz she was at work and guess what??!!After we were done with the beach and were on our way to have lunch, It rained!!cats ‘N dogs!lol…so we had lunch sitting outside in the verandah of a dhaba that served yummilicious food…our appetites as huge as an elephant’s from all the running around the sea.hehe.whata cliche

We set of on our way home after lunch at 5…the roads were all clean and green and wonderful to look at and just before sunset, Dad spotted a rainbow! And the sunset after that was simply amazing(well I’m usually partial to sunsets cause I love them no matter how they are, and you can’t argue that they aint pretty right?).

All in all, a perfect day in terms of the weather and the place and the people with me. I wont be forgetting this in a long long time. Sigh* if only the perverts and the pros had chosen another place for a holiday…but hack! Not everything can be perfect right?*wink*