Tuesday, April 1, 2008

If wishes were horses

Tagged by Fundo… Ok, so I gotta write down 5 things I’d do if I were of the opposite sex. Alright..here goes!

I’d stay out late for one…I so hate the fact that its such a big deal when girls come home late and nothing when boys do.
If I ever was a boy, I guarantee you I’d be a tall tall one. I’ve always wanted to be tall!! But then being a girl, haven’t had much of a choice there…well yeah..tall girls do exist…unfortunately… I aint one of em. If I were a ladka, there’d be more chances of me being tall than short If u know what I mean.:P
Go bald. Yes I so want to!...not that I’m not tempted even though I’m a girl…but then I’m answerable to my people and they’d never ever let me do it so bleh!:(…it’d be much easier if I were a boy…don’t you think so?
Ok…now consider the possibility of me being a boy only for one day…just one…then I roam around in nice pink girl clothes…very girly clothes. Yes. Why you ask?...aah..just for the heck of it.:P
I’d get to go anywhere I want to without having people think about my safety and the kind of people I’d be dealing with wherever I end up. That I’m sure would be bliss!
I tag all those who read this and haven't been tagged by fundo yet...hehe


Cinderella. said...

Lol...that was a fundoo tag for sure !
You got kinky choices...wanna go bald and strut in the street with pink clothes, eh ?!!!
And about staying out late being allowable for buys..hun, I dont think so...
My brother's not allowed for nite outs r late nite coming backs...bichara..

Alisha said...

heheh...yaa ok not all guys r allowed out late...but 90% of them are...n id like to believe that IF i were a guy./..id be among the luckier ones...:P

Anonymous said...

haha lolz....bald huh??? really .... ?? unique.... would look nice.. tall 6 feet gut weering pink all over bald... raoming at midninght.. i just hop[e ppl dnt sream bhoot hehe..kidding

gr8 read...

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


not everybody knows me as fundo

good good u did the tag
i too wish the same
late nights
less hair


Alisha said...

hehhehehe...yaa samby..that sure would be scary!lol

Alisha said...


dun worry...ppl will know...i've mentioned u earlier too..as jiggs aka fundo...IF they've bin reading..they'd knw...hehe...

i anyways feel fundo is way better than jiggs..

Alisha said...


Alameen said...

Roamin around in all pink dress wud be fun... ahem, to watch :)


Shaunak said...

interesting...m gonna follow up on this one.