Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Spent Diwali evening at home for the first time in years…needless to say, entry of thinking mode:|

The lights – Kitna lights!!I mean, every house was shining so bright, I'm sure we could’ve been seen from outer space! Made me think about(ok I know it's a typical thought, still,here goes)...our country and how there are innumerable towns and villages who don't have bijli at all.

And we complain about load shedding :|

It sort of makes me relate to these promos doing the rounds…of a new show on SAB TV…it’s called Lapataganj. It’s kinda caught my fancy…makes me want to look forward to it somehow.
It intrigued me enough to look it up a bit…and here’s what I found out…:P

First off, it’s a satire, on our country. One very good reason why I know I’d love to watch…hehe. It’s the stories of a well known hindi satirist Sharad Joshi. His style of satire will make you laugh yet almost immediately relate to the bitter truth of the typical Indian society.

M gonna try my best to catch it on the channel from 26th oct, 10 pm :)

Sounds promising…nuu age Malgudi days…n we all know how much we loved that!!

Check it out ok?

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