Monday, May 24, 2010

Of poems that i do not know how to write...


The bug bites...and how!
It injects a frenzy...I cannot comprehend.

I crave, I want, a chance to leave,
I tremble, I thirst,parched,

I need.

The bug refuses to leave
It eats into my soul
Whispers into my mind
Of places divine.

Will I?Now?Ever?Never?

The question raised,
The madness well lit,
It decides to fly off...
But I'm not off the bait just yet.

The poison will leave
If only a new place I see,
I go, and conquer
a different world.

I live. A life on my own terms.

I have no regrets,
the bug I do not reject.

I do not swat, i do not swoosh,
I welcome.

It takes me into a world
of dilemmas and quests -
Of frustrations of unfulfilled requests.

I wait.

Patience will bear fruit,
Nature will surely. Soon.
Give me her best bet.