Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sabke Results aa gaye par mere nahi :(. Fundo,express everyone everyone…I couldn’t go to college today cuz of a wedding in the family. Yaa right, Jab sab results ka intezaar kar rahe they, I was busy hogging yummilicious food;) ,arrre but I really hate some of these profs ya…mere friends ko mera result diya hi nahi!! I mean, despite me having taken the trouble of going to college yesterday…writing an authority letter, getting the friend who was supposed to collect the results to meet the vice principal, get an approval, blah blah blah. Phir bhi nahi diya!! This, is what I’d call(in Anshul’s words) highly unparliamentary behavior on the prof’s part. God alone knows what satisfaction he would have gotten by refusing a student her report card even though she had completed the formalities required because she would be absent! Aise log naaa…aaargh!! Bloody sadists >:P

Ab kal hi milega humein humara result. Wish me Luck!

Till then



SambY said...

koi nahi...ur result will be "fatte" hahah

highly unparliamentary behavior...lolz...we used to hear this term when teachers used to hear us giving gaalis...hahahah.....ol memories.

best of luck...


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

dont worry aliii
ul get it kal :)

n it will be good too


Express said...

Oh, well I came down from pune for the stupid result, imagine nahi milta toh..... I think authority letter with iCard works re...

Nevemind, good luck to you!
Hope u get the subject of ur choice and do exceptionally well in all other subjects too :-)


pj said...

never least u got to hog!...hehe....:)...waise ab tak toh mil gaya hoga na?

Alisha said...

one of our friends always says that...everything's highly unparliamentary for him..hehehe

@ fundo was!

Alisha said...

yaa..icard nahi tha re....but sathe se baat kiya tha..fee receipt was agreed upon by him..but sathe seems to be too low an authority for vaidya


ATE???yaa...that was the plus point.haan mil gaya n i scored well too!

Alok said...

You scored well! :)

About "Unparliamentary" behaviour, I guess our dear MPs have left nothing in that regard. ;)

Alisha said...



crasiezt said...

I guess you might have gotten the results by now. So how was it? And good luck if you didn't get it yet:-)

The Raconteur... said...

Using my phrase to entertain people, is in my view, highly unparliamentary!" heights of plagiary, I need to get this thing patented! [:P] Anyways, I have suffered similar stuff at the hands of our college management ... they can be stubborn when they want!

here's my blog address...anyone's interested :

cheers ...
we all passed ...

Alisha said...

got em...they were good!2 pprs ke marks me thoda jhol tha toh have given that for re evaluation...but overall..nice resultS!thanks for the good luck!

yea..i guess its high time u got the damn phrase patented...bleh!