Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tag...You're It!

Ok….was tagged for the very first time on Fundo aka Aditi and Jiggs for As per my understanding, I just got to write down seven things that come to my mind right? Do correct me if I’m wrong ok…usi bahane I’ll update once again! Lazy ass that I am…atleast I’ll do it to get "something" right!

So here fundo!

1)The first thing that comes to my mind right now is fundo…for making me do this. And also what she’ll do to me when she sees the pic of her I’m adding to this post(teehee!)..or should that have been the 2nd thought??

2)M suddenly thinking of Hawaii…I think it’s the heat.

3)Dawggie…yes…I NEED a nice furry dawggie I can call my own.

4)Sleep. How can I even think about that???!! I’ve woken up at 11, slept all afternoon and still?? My mind’s stupid. Doesn’t know what to think when. Shaeh!

5)The Dark Belgian Chocolate Gelato..mmmmmmmmm

6)An After Eight!! I’d do anything for people who gave me that!yeah… the chocolate train of thought has begun…lol…once it starts…it takes quite some time to stop.

7)A Dutch Truffle Pastry…slurp!

What I learnt from this?? Darn you Fundo for making me soo hungry at midnight!!!&%#$%$#$#$%#^&*^*(%...phew!

N I’m supposed to tag someone else right? So…that would be tentacles, anshul, aseem and shatabdi..oh..n can I tag fundo back??

and as's the picbuahahahahahahahah!!!!

until next time...Cheers!



hmmm ...i think 'being tagged'excitement ..has got to ur brains ...i think i analize this ..from the amount of chocolate u speaking in those seven things i think chocolate wins the contest of taking up the most space ever ....and hey fundoo u looking damn cute in the pic ....btw what were u thinking


i think thinking too much isnt it ....

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

hey ali
i am gonna beat u red for this one
kyya yaaar take it off

i dono wt i am doin in that pic lolzz

waise dutch truffle

plzz take it offf
plzz plzzz

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


all the dashes

Express said...

LOLOLOLOLOL!! masterpiece, simply mesmerizing!
Alish, isn't it "and the Oscar goes to reaction?" or even better, "Miss world 2008 is..." :-P

I got tagged back! hahaaa....I ll tag fundo back! Do I sound over-excited? As hell, I am!!

Lovely pic man, made my dayy!!!

Alisha said...

thanks a tonn!!!

Hell no!!!

rOhit said...

Ruia College eh?

Anyways, I guess this tag meant you had to write 7 random 'facts' about yourself, not random 'thoughts'.

Look, I gave you a reason to update! :)

Alisha said...


haila!!maine wrong likha??shaeh!!
kk...will update tomorro...

btw...i somehow updated todayy too!m on a roll!!!lolol

Anonymous said...

nice post.. u did the tag wrong..but it was nice.. 7 random things .... n jiggy's pic is awesum ...