Thursday, March 20, 2008

See!Updates ka Overdose!!

Vacations have begun and I’m gonna be around my blog more often than I thought. Nicely spent the whole of the first week reading,sleeping and listening to music…was just starting to get bored of that routine when Karen called and said they had a gig coming up in their college. There! I HAD to go! One… to get rid of that newfound boredom…and two…SCEPTRE!
Well yeah…I haven’t been to almost every gig of theirs and nor do I know all of their OC’s…but one gig at my college(Ruia…J) was enough to get me addicted to the energy Teemeer has on stage. So you could call me a fan in the making…lol.

Well about the gig…pretty decent in someways and not so decent in some others. Actually the only decent thing about it was Sceptre…seriously..i aint kidding. T’was supposed to start at 4:00 pm…but Amrock got scrapped at the last moment…Even after there had been elims the day before!!lolol…the gig started pretty late…a lil after 7 me thinks…was kindof bored by then…was just having fun watching Karen n shradha run around with chai biscoot for Teemeer and gang.
Sabse pehle came Mr. Naveen J Anthraper and band…phew!aisa koi band ka naam hota hai kya??chee chee…but then U2,Pink floyd??...was actually looking forward to that. Really shouldn’t have…he was royally screwing up the vocals…the guitar solo’s were decent…but I personally felt they weren’t up to the mark. And this guy didn’t seem to ever stop!! The sidey jokes and cheesy lines AND chee chee songs …..bwehhh!! but the only reason I didn’t mind his performance at first was cuz he was singin most o my favorite songs. But not later…I’d actually walked out.
But all said n done…SCEPTRE aaya n saved the dayyyy!!! DISTORTION ka superheroes they were… and there was this lallu panju mosh happening and all the teachers ogling at it. And yeah…I saw this teacher who was checking the time every 15 mins…waiting for the “torture” to end…lolol!!
Final verdict?? Pretty decent gig considering it was SIES nerul…I mean I’ve seen people Not being allowed to mosh there at gigs before…so improvement to tha. Naveen..nice choice of songs…but not very effective execution…SCEPTRE…kal ka baap!.....crowd??bad bad bad…I quote Adi(Motu)” New Bombay is full of posers re”…and motuu…unfortunately…that’s quite true.(Sheeet! I agreed with YOU???nahiiiii!!!)
That's Motuu btw...he apparently knows everything..seriously!!Ask him for an opinion about anything under the sun and he'd have a say on it!..however crappy the say may be!lolol...n yaa...he's a dutch truffle promise keeper...atleast with me..dunno bout "others"..i wonder how he manages to owe them 8 truffles????howw?!!??


karen said...

Thanks for the publicity , kya re itna kachra kyon kiya ?? NAVEEN J anthraper is a mallu who's bands name is based on his name naveen j anthrappa if i m nt mistaken [:p] SCEPTRE was baap n teemeer suggested we hv SCEPTRE N metallica for next yrs gig . aisa anab shanab nai likhne ka baccha ....lolzzz
but veryyy well written

Express said...

1st review in which I read the word "lallu panju mosh" LOL! Well, wht ws the song-list for sceptre? and the sidey band too if u wish 2 mention.

Well, major-ly to motuu [sorry, din knw the read name, alisha mention 4m nxt time :P]; Navi mumbai is full of posers, true. But all the people who aren't posers choose to go to mumbai colleges. So you can never judge. And trust me the situation is so much mor better than say 5 yrz ago.

Awesome review. And the overdose continue :-P

Alisha said...

@shatabdi....motu's real name is aditya