Sunday, March 30, 2008

About Floors and how I manage to find my way around them…

I can have the most amazing photographic memory when it comes to observing things…but then again the day dreamer that I am…I tend to miss out stuff at times…matlab see…dost log walking; dost log seeing nice good looking boy; dost log commenting; me?? in my own world. Also, all people sidey, people worth commenting on…dost log always see! me?? no time…own world mein busy. N haan! Eve teasers?? Can never ever bother me with their comments!! why?? I never seem to hear them!! It’s the people I’m walking with or the people I’m walking towards who point it out to me. I dunno if that’s a bad habit…but that’s basically how I am!
Ok yeah! coming back to the point, about floors. What I was trying to get to was the fact that I have a nice photographic memory when it comes to remembering how people’s houses look like once I’ve been there…also a fairly okay idea of how to get there. But when it comes to which floor they live on? ...pooof! no clue! It’s happened so many times! I could’ve gone to that place say 10 times already! ...but if it’s been more than a week, chances are I’ve already forgotten the floor. Some friends can remember everything…forgetting the floor on which someone stays isn’t generally regarded as a problem around here I know…but then it worries me how I tend to forget only the floor and nothing else!! When it comes to remembering things about people…I can proudly tag myself as an expert…well…good listeners do have that gift. [:P]…but yeh floor ka maamla I really dunno re…kya kisi aur ko aisa problem hai????

now thats my very own superhero!i wonder if he can solve this

until next time!

p.s!!i got pooped on again yesterdayy..kabootar this time...lucky kya hua??yaa i was goin for a birhtday party and i ate yummy cake, burgers, pasta and icecream..bleh!


Ever Hopeful said...

wow! that's interesting

Remembering the houses and forgeting the floors. The best thing is that you don't hear bad things, Good habit. evry girl should have it

pj said...

hey...nice one.Guess its just 'coz u keep thinking that you keep forgetting floors that actually makes you forget them!...nxt time think tat u wont frget it n u might actually remember the floor...positive approach u c...;)...dont mean to give any gyaan or anything...but try it out may be it'll work..:)

Anonymous said...

Heyy thats a nice post.

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


i too tend to miss things cz i am lost it though !!!
aaur update kia kar


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

uv been tagged again!!!


Anonymous said...

lolz.... how is this possible.. hehe...forgetting florrs whule u rembere everything else...:=-)... never herad of any of my friends having it... but dar mat koi na koi aur hoga/hogi..ur nt alone

Express said...

You seem 2 have the kabutar's shit co-related to FOOD!!! tht day paneer, abhi cake..

face the shit alone n eat the food alone too!! :-P

Oh yea, the whole post abt not remembering floors, well i don remember names! very bad at names..n my name is so unique either people get it in 1 time, or never get it, hahaa!!!

Good 1, kiddy's too cute!

Alisha said...

hopefully koi jaldi mil jaaega jo aisa problem share karto ho!

food..hell yeah!thats lucky no??
kiddy mera cuzin bro hai...:D

Alisha said...

@ ananya

adhishg said...

nice blog..good post..