Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Shit Factor

Well, as the title suggests...I was shit on..umm..shat on...whatever it is... on the head. Culprit?Mr.Crow. There started hundreds of propagations of it being very lucky, auspicious, Something good was about to happen blah blah blah... it seems to have worked this time.I think i should go point wise. Not too many points though,So you won't get bored.

Point No. One.

I lost a hundred bucks. Yes i know I'm careless n all but still!HAD to be todayy!(You go lengths to make me feel lucky,I go the same if not more to make You sure it aint true...bleheh)

Point No. Two.

The platform at Kurla station was spilling over with commuters waiting for a train to appear. No such luck. HAD to happen today(;lol..thats only cuz i'd decided to start saving money and walk home from the station instead of the usual rick)

What we did?...Walked all the way to Chembur,Got an overcrowded bus,got off at a stop from where my house is quite a distance yet not enough for a rick to comply to come to...but obviously making me have to walk all the way.hehe...fate.
I've had enough walking to last me a month!

Point No. Three.
One small friend was eager enough to explain to me how i was going to find the "love of my life" just cuz a crow shat on my poor hair. A few reasons why i was so damn sure i wouldn't-

Sub point No. one.
I ain't looking for him.

Sub Point No. two.
We were walking from kurla to Chembur.ANyone who's walked that walk knows what to expect for the "men" there. Love???pbbbbft!!

Sub Point No. three.
THe word "love">>>>HIghly highly over rated..bleheh!

Sub Point No. four and the most obvious reason why i wouldn't find him.

The only lucky thing that happened to me was that as soon as i came home, Dad proudly announced we were eating out and eating at an eatery right where i had come walking from AND we leave in 5 mins for it. That's lucky?Yes...cuz its good food:P

The yummilicious paneer there made my day worth it and the walk back home wasn't that bad either.

So here's to crows and their shit and all the luck they bring with it..Cheerz!


Aditi aka Jiggs said...

nice post gal
the crow shit is lucky afterall gave u the yums of paneer
plus saved u from the irony of fallin in love too
keep the good work going

karen said...

ali waaah , u didnt tell me when this happened , nevertheless it was funn readin , keep up d good blogyy work.....

Alisha said...


Alisha said...


d SINNER!!! said...

This one was cute...
keep scribblin...i too wish for good luck to happen to me...but without the SHIT...


C R D said...

hehe. that was funny.

crow shit can really put u off.imagine how it feels for someone who's started balding, when crow droppings fall right in the bald spot, dodging all the dense hair growth. becomes even more difficult to wipe off [:p]

keep writing

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Nice and interesting blog u gt here....taking off from where crd left...if a crow does happen to shit on a baldy then the baldy is indeed lucky.the crow shit acts as fertilizer nd u neva knw ,he may actually grw sum hair!!!
Sorry fr the pj ....exams hv dun this to me....btw whch collg u in??my collg is near sion ....kj drop by my blog if u hv tym..,.c ya.

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Yup...seen texas chainsaw....ruia be comin to ur collg on 21st of this month....theres a rock gig....guess u knew that already......

rOhit said...

LMAO.. haha
Love at Kurla to Chembur.. i can undaa-stand. :P

Lovely post.. and you've got a wonderful blog here. Guess you should scribble more. :)

Happy writing :D

The Raconteur... said...

Lisha I am just hoping that you washed your hair before going out to eat the yummmiiilicious paneer .. :P

visit my blog too sometime .. got two of em ...
keep postin'


The Raconteur... said...

And did you take the name from my BLOG??? [:x] Fuming !!

The Tentacles of Thought said...

I wrote a long review in my blog!!check it out!!!

The Tentacles of Thought said...

No no its there.....i hav put it back..its in the month of december...ruia gig high voltage.....


woohoo ....what a lucky day it was ...thanks to Mr.Crow....and u couldnt get luckier .... having to end the day eating PANNNEEEERR

Express said...

Haha, It takes some time to show effects! ;-)

Alisha said...

hell yeah!!

@ express
m still

Vikrant said...

bleh.. yea i do agree.. it was great fun tht day..i was there too [:D].. all us trying to eat sheera.. (not the sheera on alisha's head).. well written ali.. i wish i posted tht before u did [:p]

Alisha said...


hehehe...yaa..that dayy was fun!