Monday, November 5, 2007

The Fundy Duckling!

The Tail of Fundy Duckling

Once upon a time there lived a duckling,she was a girl and her name was Fundy. She waddled around all day very proud of know why?..cuz she had a secret, she was owner to possibly the wonderfullest pair of duck feet one had everrr seeen! She made all of Duckville greeeeen with envy..(psst psst...her duckfeet were greeen too)

Fundy duckling was a DEMANDING duck...She was never happy with just one of something...lets take a look...

"Fundy!!kabhi to line maarna chod!!n a piece of advice ducky...just one"

"Look maa!!no feet!!">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Her feet got her manyy mannyyy suitors...good,bad and the downright ugly.Fundy-though had much choice,didn't have the taste or class.Look at what she chose!


Fundy loved sissyduck...but only because of one reason.Sissyduck had the biggest feet in town and there was no way he could steal fundy's feet cuz he could never use them!!fundy felt safe with pratty sissyduck was the love of her life.N then..he could never really see much cuz of his Hair falling over his wasn't much of an effort for fundy to hide her kinky feet.

Ohhh darn!!we've actually strayed away from the real story!!!but there isn't much time for it i'll have to make do with a fastly rendered version of a long long fairytail.

Fundy one day went for a dip in the jungle where she met a scary fairy...the fairy threatened her to give her her feet or her fate!...Vain fundy chose fate over feet and got stuck with a tail!!

Her tail looked so funny that her feet lost all importance...

but she still had Pratty who couldn't see her tail either(Oh Hair!!;))

So Pratty and Fundy and the feet and the tail...lived happily ever after and drank lots of ale!!

The EnD!

PS:please please please refer to for a story on me!...the above mentioned story is on the just mentioned blog...heeheeh.....Cheers!


Aditi aka Jiggs said...

thnks a ton gal
loved it

s.H.a.S.h.I said...

lol... i read both sides of the story.. u gals have real nice story for each other...

Supriya Narang said...

LOLS .......... this was awesome!!!
found ur blog thru aditi's..
must say it's a superb post!

Express said...

Lovely story! beginning fatte! end ws hasty :-P

I loved the names, cho cute! green feet, hated takin baths, loses them, feet vs fate, hairy tail, lovely imagination, gr8, awesumm :-P

Way to go man, way to go!!

Alisha said...

hehehe...thanks shatabdi..
yeah..the end was meant to be couldnt be too long..its a kiddy story...n thats how i;d ment it to bee