Thursday, September 3, 2009

Train Tales 2

This one’s a story of a very very irresponsible woman.

She gets in from VT, screeching, even though it’s the starting point.

Scrapped. Too bored to write about a train again. Sheesh. Talk about being capricious :P

I’m going to update just for the sake of updating this time. Again. Sole purpose being to get me in the habit of keying in something or the other every few days. Quality can come in at later stages. :-| I hope it eventually does manage to come in though.

The point is that life is so dry right now; I can’t seem to find interesting things to blog about. See, Shaun’s life is so interesting, meeting random pretty girls in hotel lobbies, takin long walks by the sea…so what if he’s discussing Axe! Atleast kuch to ho raha hai!!

I for one never wanted to fit into a routine…unfortunately, I have now. My life currently revolves around 9:12 and 8:53. To think I used to laugh and make fun of such people. Getting into the same train everyday, coming back by the same one, so fixed is their routine that they have a fixed seat in the local, know who sits next to them, know the whole family history of that person and of many more around, know the beggars, vendors who frequent that local….sheeesh…lame life. For me at least. I thank my stars I haven’t reached that level yet… and I hope I never do…

That’s it for now I think. Don’t want to write too much crap.yes.there is such a thing as too much crap.


FYI…the story I scrapped was about the woman who pushed and pulled and got into the train. But. She left her kids behind. She realized her kids weren’t around 2 stations down the line.:|


divsi said...

hehe:) nicely written! how u doin alisha??

Alisha said...


hey!me doin good ya!
long time!
hows it going with you?wat are yoiu upto aajkal?

n how TBC doing?

workhard said...

I know my paper guy very well.. he comes everyday and i get up listening to my alarm clock..

The lady forgot her kids...LOL!!!!!!!!!

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kunal shinde said...

i have developed a glutton for more of your 'train tales' series! :D