Sunday, August 30, 2009

Train Tales 1

I’ve decided I really really needed to blog or I’m going to forget how to write! At least in my style. No kaat-foot for editing nothing! Whatever flows through the first draft is going to be published :P
At least this time :D

Dearth of topics to write about…so imma gonna write about “Yucky Train People”

Everybody has met or encountered this breed of women. The ladies second class of a local train is always full of them. The male species, unfortunately must’ve either only heard of them or most probably heard them…even from the last dabba of the local.(high frequency shrieks are a more than regular feature)

This incident is not a fight. But more of a sweet revenge incident pour moi. So here goes-

Yesterday evening. Thursday, 27th August’09.(not yesterday evening any more...considering how much I've delayed this post.:|

I board the train from Wadala. So it’s 9.00 pm and extremely crowded, and to top it all, it’s a Panvel local.

Enter stinky salwar kameez “babe”, talking on the phone, from GTB(or Chunabhatti)not too sure..(shaeh short term memory). She’s talking on the phone, her “Flip-top phone” in god knows what dialect of English with I’m assuming, her boyfriend.

Now , poor and tired me is standing at the door cuz there’s no place to move in and I need some fresh air. Fresh air I got alright. Sweaty-stinky Babe stands right in front of me…hanging from the door…one hand with plastic cover dangling right on my face, the other hand outside with “flip-top” cellfone talking to Jaanu.

Adding to my woes, she leans on the sliding door and gets a bit of my skin fasaoed in it. I shout and ask her to move ahead- Jaanu is apparently more important. All I get after I push her ahead(not jhagdaalu aunty style, but desperate-to-get-hand-out-of-stuck-train-door style)is a curt “sorry ha”, as if it was all my fault.

Ok. Let’s face it. I can’t fight. I just make my displeasure very evident using unsuccessful facial expressions. But my sweet revenge arrives!! In the avatar of the shrieking train women who charge into the train at Kurla :D

“Stinky train babe” is abused and pushed into the dark corners of the stuffed local and there she remains, till she finally manages to get off at vashi from the other side..Woohoo!! I got sweeet revenge without having to do anything at all for it! I did NOT fight, did not create one either, but I got the stupid girl to pay for troubling me and not caring about it…:P

So much for updating my blog after a really long time. I would like to thank “someone” for making me feel desperate enough to do it. But I think it’s good in a way…at least main update toh karta rahega! See you soon bloggie…my updates are gonna be way more often than u think right now:D


PS: More stupid done to death Train Tales coming up. Will start posting better stuff(hopefully)as soon as I get in the groove again and find interesting things to write about.


Shaunak said...

more often huh? We'll see :P

Poorva said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....nice story,nicknames,narration,etcetra hope u continue...cheers!
keep bloggin..!!!

Apoorv Deshmukh said...

interesting post....

Alisha said...

@shaunak.yes u'll see alright:D


Thanks ya!do keep visiting:D

Express said...

YAYYYY!!!! you wrote!

and hahah! serves her right!
gr8 2 have seen an uptake in eons.. miss u da :(

Alisha said...


hows it goin in hydbad??

did u come down for ganpu fest??coming down for durga puja diwali m sure:P

m gonna keep updating...

n ya..follow me!

Express said...

shut up, wannabe bloggers follow each other..

and and
missed ganpati, no holiday
no holiday for diwali either, so maaring trip 4 durga puja :)

then whole dec in mumbai,
no choice..

Alisha said...

haila??!!i din know that!
please re..wannabe to nahi lagta:|

but i dunno..bin away frm the blog scene for too long to know wat works and wat doesnt...

following me likes:D
saves me the trouble of goin to see if theres an update:D

workhard said...


I might sound sadistic.. but.. i love it when someone pisses me off.. we dont have to take revenge but then... someone else does something to them.....

Ok thats bad....

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Alisha said...



kunal shinde said...

hehehe, realistic and funny :D