Friday, November 7, 2008

The Fraandship Factor

Okay I agree this has GOT to be a done to death topic but then this one's got scope to be different I promise:).
Who hasn't experienced the can- you -make fraandship- with -me phenomenon ha?really makes you wonder if guys could actually get any lamer right?well, something made me explore the above mentioned phenomenon back in JC... So this would have to be summer holidays,all friends outta town, me bored outta my wits, the net being my only savior and respite from the torture I was undergoing...n im sure you all know, the more time you spend on the netty, more chances of being on the receiving end of tonnnnns of fraandship requests. I decided to put them to good use.( It would be extremely kind of you to keep in mind that I was BORED.I'll keep reminding you'll as well.)
Okayyyy .... So here goes. I took the efforts n created a new yahoo messenger profile...fake asl et al n hit the most crowded chatroom at that time...I think it was the harry potter wala(however bored I might've been, you wouldn't catch me dead in the bollywood or relationships room ha!)as soon as I enter, windows start popping on the screen"asl?""hi babes"(gag reflex reaction)"hey sexy"(puke! Gasp!splutter!) and finally a "hey can u make fraandship with me?"(whew!it's about time I say!)
So here started my experiment. I started responding. Normal replies re...not even horny wannabe ones ha. Two to three lines into the chat, wannabe fraand asks if I got "cam" n if I'd be interested in some 'ahem ahem' fun and that just about puts an end to the conversation from my end, SPAM!!!SPAM!! mArk as Spam!.....done....phewww! Aage badho, there's absolutely no dearth of despo doodhs on yahoo.guy no2...same as above, no3, no4, no5, no6,...all the same!!conclusion?? Very easy to draw don't you think?
Enter last guy before I lose patience... Phoenix something, says the same things, can you make fraandship blah blah but doesn't get to the cam part... Instead talks about interests and harry potter!! In toota foota English. We chat a few times n slowly slowly his English improves!!!magically!!! N I then get to know he's an IIT ka bandha!!shocked or what!! Turns out he's the shy nervous types who can't really make a good first impression. Reminds me of chandler. LOL. A lot later I findout he actually IS a lot like him n he thinks so himself! Almost five years down the line we're still friends n he's one of the Few people interact with despite having Not met him yet. Undoubtedly one of the smartest people I've met too... Say, giving "fraandShip" a chance paid off afterall ;).
P.S: Try at your own risk though. Not everyone is lucky when It comes to fraandship on yahoo you know:).


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


here goes ur post


wishful thinking said...

iv never gotten a 'will u be my fraand' request ever.. *secretly quite annoyed*
till now i thought id been one of the lucky ones.. but from the looks of it id say i really have missed out on something!
the link for the blog i mentioned:

its hilarious

karen said...

well i really loved the post, good thing u got a good frnd through one franzsheep request :p

Shaunak said...

totally agree on that...although every one of my online friends are on forums, not chat rooms.

Alisha said... made forum friends as well...but that was something i liked doin...wasnt something outta sheer boredom as this was!!

lol...i rem back in skool wen i used to roleplay on harry potter forums!!

workhard said...

True.. its better to be safe when chatting with strangers.. u got lucky....

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