Saturday, February 20, 2010

Of blog updates and...ummm...bweh:|

I haven’t blogged in ages, and what better day to decide to do so when I’m totally down with the flu woo-hoo! One thing I really can never figure is how all the formatting of the post gets lost when I paste it on blogger. Can somebody help me with that please? And I want to make my blog look cooler as well, more personal, help needed there as well…I can’t believe I’m asking this instead of figuring it out myself! Looks like I’m turning into a girl now. Darn! :(

What’s been up with me? Well, I’ve been eating, sleeping, and basically doing nothing else very very heartily, which in turn has generously added oodles to my weight :( I intend to start walking in ze mornings soon. Like next week or something. :D

My sister leaves day after tomorrow(technically tomorrow!) and I don’t think she’s gonna be back in a long long time now…atleast till her course is over. Unless I land up there in June as planned :P

Haven’t completed the cushion pour ma pissy sissy - A fatang lookin auto rickshaw made me chamki stuff! Hotness it is I tell you. I sincerely stitched every night as it was supposed to be a surprise for her until she ‘accidentally’ discovered it under the mess on her bed(who the hell thought she would decide to clean her bed that very day of the months that it’d been un-inhabitable(pardon the English if it’s wrong)

Yeah so, I haven’t touched it since then. And she’s leaving tomorrow and I’ve lost the chamkis and the ek lauta thread ka guchha thingy that I had on me(which I had dhaapofied from my tailor btw:|)
Ok. So I’m bored of typing now. Wrote all this cuz I HAD to update. Don’t read the bullshit if you don’t want to:D

The Heavy dose of Benadryl takes effect…and off I doze…

Till later then!

Au jo