Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A year in the life of a Ruiaite

College reopens. Mutual feeling of rejoice and looking forward to Vishnu’s chai early in the morning. (got a grin on my face just writing about it!)

You start thinking, I repeat, “thinking” about the prospect of attending lectures. Halfway through July you finally succeed in landing your ass on the last bench of your class. (Whew! All Set!)

If you’re a Fresher, this is the month that you face information overload. (Read. Rose Day? whatzat?(secretly lookin forward to it;)), protocol?, security?, INFRAstructure?? Yeh kya??, Publicity?...hmm…I wonder if anyone will have me. Lectures forgotten, interviews galore!

Seasoned Ruiaite? We’re looking forward to Rose Day, that’s it, just looking forward, nothing else. The year’s just about to begin…:P

Rose day arrives. Half of September is spent anticipating Rose Day, buying Rose Cards for our “dear” seniors and trying to find out who’s doing “the jhol” to be Rose King and Queen; the other half is spent cribbing about how pathetically sad rose day was even though we’ve enjoyed most of it.

One would generally find people rushing into the reading hall (which is swwankyyy btw;)) at 10:30 to catch the best seats to sit on, sleep on, and try to do a lil bit of studies on)…and…one would also find people being very very vocal in cribbing about the fact that Vishnu isn’t allowed to set his tapri up there.

Now November is a little tricky. Interviews for the Utsav and Aarohan teams are held keeping Diwali in mind(it’s usually held before diwali so students have a “valid” reason to come to college in the holidays as well. ”Mumma, fest ki tayyaari!lotsa work to do”*smug*). So, November is just spent wondering which team to get into again(for the poor freshers who didn’t make it into any during Rose day…*snigger snigger, Loser:P*)…more teams to choose from!! There’s PA, FA, LA blah bleh da blee da blah.

Now that’s the best part of the year for ANY Ruia ka bachha. College Day, Traditional Day, Sublime Sounds, Sari and Tie day, Sports day, UTSAV and the newest addition, Aarohan! And if you’re bored in Ruia in December, Dude! you’re as lame as anyone can get!

Aah! thanda season for the average Ruiaite. One tends to find us lazing around the naka, quadrangle, Vishnu saying it’s high time we got a “break” from everything.(everything matlab so much kaam ha.)

Enter Exam fever yet again. Same old story. Won’t bother re-elaborating. (10.30.Must find good seat etc.etc)

The time of the year when you really shouldn’t be around Ruia. Sad faces, grim expressions, blank stares, an occasional sigh, one or two whacked in the head merrymakers. Exams do that to you sometimes.

April and May
I’m combining the two cuz they’re both almost the same. Beginning of April is spent sitting at Vishnu making elaborate plans to go on road trips, treks, international holidays, the works!; baaki ka 1 ½ months? Aadhe bachhe on family vacations to “native place” and the rest maarofying short trips to hanging garden, essel world, kharghar hill(don’t gimme that look! boredom does that to you...*sniff*doesn’t want to think about it. Go away!!)

And here I rest our tale. Cheers!