Wednesday, January 9, 2008

An Ode To The King

Elvis… Doesn’t take long to fall in love with him. Took me just 2 songs :) The first I ever heard of him was “A lil less conversation” and then “Always on my mind”…n pooof…another fan! He just never fails to amaze me…how he sang each song with such panache, his distinct smile, his curled lip, his eagle, his moves!...those were the best!! Just those 2 songs and out I was downloading whatever I could find of him on the internet… songs, videos of his live shows, interviews, Graceland and then… documentaries of his death. It’s a shame such people never live long enough. I think i just might have caught him alive if I was lucky enough…eh…asking for way too much I suppose :P

Well there’s lots I could write about Elvis…about what I feel of each of his songs…but then…that’s for me…this post was just to wish him a happy birthday, even though I’m a day late…a tribute to my memories of elvis that are all thanks to youtube and ares. Thank you very much!…thank you[:d]